Holiday Party Services

If a company has only one gathering a year; the holiday party, Christmas dinner or year-end gathering is typically the event where everyone comes together.

Many times because of this single event there is great emphasis placed on the gathering and there is pressure on those involved in planning it to ensure everything goes well and that the event is a success.

David can help take the pressure off your shoulders by ensuring that the entertainment meets and exceeds your expectations.

There are two key elements with regard to entertainment at the holiday gathering:

The Reception (Close-Up Strolling Magic):

During the cocktail hour or reception is the perfect time to have strolling magic. David goes from group to group or table to table and gives everyone their own personal close-up magic performance.

Typically at company functions spouses or significant others are meeting for the first time or they have not seen each other in a year and need some common ground to be able to pick up the conversation. These performances break-the-ice, make people laugh and help them interact because the magic happens in their hands and right under their noses. Strolling magic sets an up-beat happy tone right from the start of your gathering.

Strolling, Close-Up Magic is a fascinating interactive experience that many people have not witnessed on a professional level. In fact when performed properly is makes people gasp, laugh and bewilders them so-much-so; that in addition to entertaining, it helps people of diverse backgrounds and ages to come together, and enjoy themselves. In essence it allows you to surround your guests and associates with glamor and excitement.

Strolling and close-up magic can also be cleverly used toward the end of the evening. Sometimes guests have come alone and end up being wall flowers while others dance the night away. Having David performing close-up magic toward the end of the evening makes these guests feel warm and included in the fun; this may be important to them especially during the holidays.

After the Meal (Stage or Stand-Up Show):

Normally after everyone has eaten one or more of the company’s executives will give a speech. This can be a multi-person presentation where employees are honored or singled out for achievement or it can be a short recap of the year in review and a thank you. Then comes the entertainment.

The Stage or Stand-Up Show is perfect for the after dinner part of the evening. Designed for groups from 20-2000, this is where your guests are entertained as a whole. David performs a 45 to 60 minute show that is interactive and fun. Filled with comedy and mind reading it uses a variety of different illusions and tricks specifically chosen to compliment your event.

Throughout the program audience members are asked to join David on stage and help with the various tricks and illusions. It is important to note that everyone is treated with the utmost respect and consideration and that the performance is conducted tastefully.

David is also sometimes asked to weave in a raffle, prize, or gift giveaway into the show. This can be done in many different ways and if you think this is something you may want to explore; please contact David and together you can go over the various options and possibilities.

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